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My name is Jean, I have been an avid crafter, artist, wire-worker and jewellery maker throughout my adult life. Since creating these products, I have inspired my daughter, Cheryl. Together we made ‘Imaginative Creative Designs’.

Rainbow Dragon Journal in Polymer ClayStarting as an artist I learned the importance of colour and light in my crafts. Later I took up embroidery and bead work which, in turn, led me to using wrapped wire to embellish my creations. My first piece of jewellery was made five years ago with polymer clay. Since then I  have used and developed many of the different techniques while using this fascinating material.

Reds, yellows and oranges conjure up sunlight and fire, while the blues and blue-greens evoke snow and ice, sea, sky and moonlight. (Anonymous)

Bare Copper wire wrapped pendant on ceramic beadAlthough jewellery making is a hobby, I have a passion for creating imaginative and beautiful designs which I would like to share with you. There is no greater thrill than to have someone comment on and praise my creations and this spurs me on to create more innovative designs and beautiful work.


I hope you enjoy browsing the photo gallery and if you have any questions or comments please contact me where I will do my best to answer your queries.